Apprentice star, David Alden, informs five million potential employers he is a tax advisor who “enjoys writing fantasy fiction”

Both good news and bad news in the boardroom last week for East Yorkshire’s premier Arthur Atkinson lookalike David Alden

Unfortunately, the Apprentice candidate got some bad news on last weeks’ episode as he was fired from the boardroom by Alan Sugar.

The good news was that before he went he managed to inform five million potential employers that he is a tax advisor that “enjoys writing fantasy fiction.”

Although his pitch was controversial, he stands by it – speaking to the Standard Online about his exit, he said: “This might be a bit controversial but I stand by it. My brain was thinking one thing and my mouth blurted out something rubbish.

“The point I was trying to make was we’ve got this consumer research and actually they love it which was a surprise to me – because I didn’t.

“The point I wanted to make was ‘Look, they really like this and the negatives are so small that we’ve already got a plan in place, we can bring a female character in the next episode, it’s so easy to fix and then, what we’ve got, is exactly what they want’.”

Alden, who also works as a DJ, slated project manager Frank and the “dreadful” character of superhero Benji they were given to work with.

The 32-year-old said: “I feel we were shoehorned into this dreadful idea of doing it in space, this dreadful idea of having a superhero. It’s been done a million times.

“I don’t think it was fair [I went] because we were shoehorned into this idea, pushed into this theme. We were told we had to have a superhero and if you have a superhero then you have to have a bad guy and then you have to beat the bad guy.

“So, for me, the ultimate decision at the very top dictated to us…that’s why we lost

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