Attracting diverse talent into tech and digital roles

New emerging technologies are fundamentally changing the way we work and engage with businesses

British companies are the leaders for driving innovation in this space, with AI having the potential to be truly transformative, empowering businesses and enabling people to thrive in a digital world.

The UK’s new industrial strategy, perhaps unsurprisingly, puts technology and particularly AI at the heart of its success and we are already seeing various new and exciting innovations coming into play from its use.  The UK skills shortage could potentially cost the country a whopping £90bn per year so it’s more important than ever that this is addressed.

With technology and digital skills an essential ingredient to the UK’s future growth, it’s only natural that businesses and recruiters are concerned about a lack of the right skills and talent coming into the workplace.

The recent study predicted that 44% of UK organisations will not exist in their current form by 2021, which means we need to be thinking now about how we can equip the workforce adequately with the next set of digital skills that will be expected by employers.

Building a more inclusive organisation lies at the heart of this – inclusion networks will help, for example, for women or those with disabilities – focused on enhancing the capacity of their employees so they can achieve their full potential and deliver what matters most.

This gives employees the platform they need to discuss any issues so networks are a vital way to ensure that specific people throughout the business receive the proper support and advice they need. But to realise this, it is the responsibility of the senior team to take the lead by championing people within their organisation, as well as encouraging other seniors within these networks to act as both role models and mentors.

Encouraging teams to build networks within firms and to re-train, or share skills will build a diverse, talented workplace, thereby helping to build and protect the future competitiveness of the UK economy. That is because working with different people is a perfect way to gather unique ideas and embrace the challenges that every single day brings forth.

All in all, in a progressively diverse and digital world, if we fail to create a whole group of talent properly it will prevent the UK from seeing a prosperous economy.

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