New year, new start, new hire – Top Tips for a successful recruitment drive

The first quarter of a year is a busy time for everyone – here’s a quick checklist to ease the hiring process

Rowena Shorey, Director and Recruiter at Tinderbox Consultants has shared her top tips for a successful 2019 recruitment drive.


  • Job description – is there one and is it up to date. If there is no JD then one needs to be created before commencing a recruitment drive.
  • Budget for the role – has this been agreed and signed off on prior to commencing the recruitment drive.
  • Candidate experience/specifications – have your requirements clearly agreed and defined from the outset.
  • Define what your candidate expectations and requirements are and agree internally where flexibility can be given on the requirements as normally there is some degree of compromise required.
  • Has the role been signed off by the CEO/MD or whoever has final say in the decision making process.
  • Allow yourself time – on average a recruitment cycle takes 4-12 weeks. If you are hoping to build in a period of handover from the outgoing staff member to the new employee then additional time should be factored in. Notice periods are often 3 months.

Salary package:

Some roles such as sales ones, expect basic tools such as phones, cars, lap tops however other roles may benefit from these. The JD should include the whole benefits package including salary scale pending experience. General expectations for most roles are:

  • Contributory pension scheme
  • Life Assurance
  • Healthcare scheme
  • Bonus – how much is this and how is it structured
  • State whether a company car or car allowance is provided and if it’s an allowance how much is the contribution

Additional benefits could include:

  • Extra day’s annual leave on the employee’s birthday (this is a good way to increase annual leave allowance if the candidate is already entitled to more annual leave in their existing company)
  • Childcare vouchers (specify which scheme you use if you have one)
  • Gym membership
  • Flexible working hours
  • Days in the month where the employee could work from home
  • Fit Bits (or similar health related devices)
  • Golden Hello (a small bonus paid in the first month’s salary)

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