Job candidates swayed by salary and location over office perks

Almost half of employers are advertising the wrong aspects of available roles

A recent survey by CV-Library has revealed that almost half of employers are not highlighting the most important aspects of a job in their job descriptions. Most people would generally have a good idea – a better salary, a fancier job title, and the potential for a promotion.

The survey asked 1,200 job hunters and 300 employers what they thought the most important aspects of a job description were. The results highlight just how different the mindsets of job seekers and their employees are.


While it’s not too surprising that pay is the most important factor of a job offer for candidates, it’s interesting to note how few employers had the same mindset.

Only 60 per cent of employers believed salary was a priority, compared to more than 82 per cent of professionals.


Three-quarters of professionals put location as the second most important factor of a job offer. But only five per cent of employers thought the same.

Work-life balance

Almost half of job seekers say that working hours are the third-most important part of a job offer.

Flexible working

The digital revolution means that professionals can have more of a say about where they work. A quarter of job hunters say that being able to work away from the office has become a priority. But only half as many companies agree, suggesting this is a point of friction between employers and employees.

Benefits and perks

Perks are often highlighted quite blatantly in job descriptions as a way to attract potential employees. At big tech firms like Facebook and Google, employees are lavished with free dry cleaning, an in-house gym and meals cooked by Michelin-starred chefs. However, although perks may look good on paper, they’re not nearly as important as companies might think. Only about 20 per cent of employees say they care about them.

CV-Library founder Lee Biggins said: “Today’s professionals know what they want from a job offer and those that are aware of the current climate also know that they can afford to be picky with their choices,” said. “With many nervous to switch roles amidst ongoing uncertainty, it’s going to take a competitive package to encourage them to leave their current position.

“For this reason, your job descriptions need to clearly show the salary, location, job title and working hours, otherwise you risk losing out on applications. Make this information easy to find and don’t forget to shout about the great perks you have on offer as well.”

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