Head of Google’s new hiring tool says UK is still a ‘very, very attractive market’

Despite Brexit, the tech giant still went ahead with launching the recruitment tool in the UK

Hire by Google launched in the UK and Canada this month. The tool has recruitment-specific integrations for Google apps like Calendar, Gmail, Google Docs, and Sheets.

“The UK is a big market, it’s an attractive market, obviously, for everybody. There’s enough demand in the UK and we believe it will stay that way. The UK is no doubt a very, very attractive market for us.” Dmitri Krakovsky, vice president of Hire by Google, told Yahoo Finance UK.

The aim of the tool is to “Give recruiters’ time back. Nobody wants to sit around copying things from tab to tab to tab. Recruiters ultimately want to talk to candidates.”

Via a telephone call from Google’s California headquarters to Yahoo Finance UK, Krakovsky described recruitment as a “Google-sized problem.”

“Four billion people or so are employed in the world, there are over 100 million employers,” he said.

“At any moment of time, there’s 10s of millions of jobs. It’s just a gigantic space. We looked at how we could help employers, how we could help job seekers, how we could help the system.”

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology is used by the tool to automate a lot of the tasks involved in recruiting, such as scheduling interviews.

Krakovsky also played down talk of Hire by Google being a competitor to current recruiting tech tools such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

“A lot of the systems are walled off in very specific ways,” he said. “There are recruiting systems but unfortunately they don’t deal with what you do for most of the day, which is email and scheduling, talking on the phone, collaborating with others within the company.

“Our thought was that these informal processes and formal processes need to come together and that’s where the value of connecting the rest of G Suite products like Gmail into the recruiting provides something different.”

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