Meet Slenky, the online platform providing opportunities for young people

Slenky provides a space where young people and businesses can interact with one another

Cec Richards, founder of Slenky, says, “Growing up on Chalkhill Estate, I was surrounded by wall to wall talent. If you wanted to take part in anything on Chalkhill – whether it be sports or art – you really had to be a certain level otherwise you wouldn’t get a shot at it.”

Founded in 2012, Richards has developed the online platform to bridge the gap between young people and leading brands and organisations across the UK.

Catering to young people aged 13-24, the platform aims to improve the accessibility of opportunities for young people whilst providing businesses with a connection to talent nationwide.

“Slenky has been built on the preset that businesses and organisations from whatever sector all have an offer for a younger audience,” says Richards. “We provide a space for communication that brands want to make to a young audience.”

The North-West Londoner says relationship building and networking has been vital to possible opportunities, a mantra that is essential to Slenky as they facilitate those opportunities to others as it was once done for him.

“We work directly with brands, business and organisations of all description, helping them make existing and new opportunities accessible in one space but able to reach youth in other social channels and profiles.”

The platform works in a way that allows users to click on the ‘Shots’, ‘Brands’ or ‘Regions’ tabs and search through numerous brands, businesses and organisations. Then, they are able to click on their ‘Shot’, check out their details and apply through filling out a short form explaining what makes them suitable for the opportunity – all in a 140 words or less.

The next step – the applicant can attend a one off special event, join a workshop and learn a new skill, or get first-hand experience working in the area of their choice.

The Slenky way provides an easier process for young people to discover their interests and move in the direction they want to, making this a resourceful and accessible platform for all.

“Slenky is for all young people – I don’t do ‘black’ opportunities or ‘white’ opportunities it’s it’s 100% inclusive,” says the father-of-two. “I don’t care if you come from a wealthy middle-class family or not – you can use the platform to connect to your passions.”

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