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Robots could replace 42% of UK retail and wholesale jobs

Men are at a higher risk than women due to being employed in manual sectors such as manufacturing

Auditing firm PwC has released some alarming figures in a recent report, forecasting that 42% of UK wholesale and retail jobs are at a high risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence by the year 2030.

Certain sectors will be harder hit with 45% of manufacturing jobs are at risk of automation. Processes and procedures are rather performed by technology and will require minimal human assistance.

Machine operators and assemblers could face a risk of over 60% by the 2030s, while professionals, senior officials and senior managers may face only around a 10% risk of automation.

Gender will play a role too with the PwC report suggesting men will face a higher automation risk (34%) than women (26%) because they are more likely to be employed in manual-task-focused sectors such as manufacturing (13%) and transportation and storage (6%).

In comparison, female employment in these sectors is relatively lower as women tend to be more concentrated in sectors such as education and health, which require more personal and social skills that tend to be less able to be automated.


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