Kilts at the ready! Window cleaners recruit for Scottish kilt-wearing staff

Canada-based window and exterior cleaning organisation ‘Men In Kilts’ requires kilt-wearers to join its team

Canada based cleaning company, ‘Men in Kilts’ has posted a job advert searching for a technician to join its team and is specifically looking for candidates from Scotland who are happy to work in a kilt.

Men in Kilts, which is headquartered in Langley, British Columbia, is looking to attract either male or female Scottish talent to join its team in Calgary, Alberta on a long-term, full-time basis. It posted a job advert in April 2019 on job listing website Indeed, locating the opportunity in Glasgow, therefore reaching out to Scotch candidates.

The organisation provides various exterior cleaning and maintenance services, including snow clearance in the winter months, with the proviso that all work will be done while sporting its trademark green garments. Its organisational mission is to bring smiles to the world, one kilt at a time, and its slogan is simply ‘no peeking’.

No need for applicants to worry about relocation fees either – as soon as the successful candidate has obtained a two-year Open Work Permit and an international driving license, Men in Kilts has offered to pay for their one-way flight to Calgary.

For the first month, which will be dedicated to training, the new recruit will be paid a rate of CA$18 (£10.25) per hour. Following this, pay will be based on performance; Men in Kilts predicts that the new employee will earn between CA$40,000 (£22,788) and CA$55,000 (£31,333.50) per year, based on full-time hours.

Employee benefits and a cut of the firms profit sharing scheme will also be offered after an initial three months of employment. The job advert states that the candidate will also be provided with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Of course, other skills are required apart from being a fantastic kilt wearer..Men In Kilts has asked that candidates consider whether they fit with a desired list of qualifications, some of which include: enjoying climbing up to three storeys high, preferring things to be clean and well organised, liking working outside, and being excited to wear a kilt to work every day.

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