The most searched for jobs in the world in 2019

Teaching assistant roles are one of the most searched for jobs in the UK this year

Supplies retailer, Brother UK, has analysed 12 months of Google search data and has revealed the most popular jobs from each country in the world.

British workers are keen to take on teaching roles, with over 288,000 people searching Google for teaching assistant jobs in the last 12 months, the data shows.

Teaching assistant came out top for England, Scotland and Wales, however, nursing came up trumps in Northern Ireland.

Estate agent jobs are the second most-googled job in the UK, with 105,700 searches, followed by project manager with 99,300 and prison officer with 98,400.

With the advances in the digital age and the interest in social media, photography jobs have also skyrocketed in popularity, contributing to skills required to manage and market social media platforms.

Jobs in the public sector were notably high, with social work, counselling, and nursing all appearing in the top 10.

It seems the UK has high demand for these jobs, too, with secondary education teaching professionals, social workers and nurses all appearing on the UK’s shortage occupation list.

Britain’s most Googled jobs from the last 12 months:

  • Teaching assistant (288,400)
  • Estate agent (105,700)
  • Project manager (99,300)
  • Prison officer (98.400)
  • Accountant (88,800)
  • Social worker (85,500)
  • Councillor (82,500)
  • Photographer (81,000)
  • Graphic designer (74,700)

In Europe, translator won the title of most-googled job, with most searches coming from Spain.

A translator in Spain can expect to earn approximately €19,715 (£17,645) a year.

Visual merchandising came a close second, with more than 10,000 searches for these roles coming from Germany. German Glassdoor users voted IKEA as the best company to work for in this field.

Surprisingly, the term “music jobs” came in third place – most popular in Italy, where it was the most-google job sector overall.

Combining all the countries from around the globe, mechanical engineering came in at first place.

With education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) becoming increasingly desirable, the profession boasted nearly one million searches in the past year – most coming from India.

In India, on average, a mechanical engineer will be paid Rs 340,000 a year – equivalent to £3,663.

While the cost of living is much higher in the UK, mechanical engineers can expect to make around £30,449 a year, according to figures from PayScale.

The most Googled jobs in the world:

  • Mechanical engineering (511,440)
  • Accountant (406,920)
  • Teaching assistant (274,560)
  • Chemical engineering (52,800)
  • Civil engineering (37,800)
  • Graphic designer (32,840)
  • Social worker (23,880)

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