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Many professionals would leave permanent job for temporary ‘dream role’

A new study has revealed that professionals would be prepared to leave a permanent role in order to pursue their “dream” temporary job

A new study has revealed that professionals would be prepared to leave a permanent role in order to pursue their “dream” temporary job.

The survey from recruitment firm Robert Walters found that although three-quarters of respondents are already in a permanent position, over half (59 per cent) would accept a temporary or contract role if the opportunity was their ideal job.

A quarter of those who said they would move jobs said that the length of the contract would not put them off taking the job, while a third said they would only accept the move if the job was for a year or longer.

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82 per cent of those surveyed revealed that they had confidence in their sector, with 81 per cent confident in their career and 67 per cent confident in their company, highlighting the vast majority of professionals across Europe are feeling positive in their careers.

The European Employee Insights survey also examined the digital presence of the almost 6,700 professionals surveyed, with communication via social media was found to be popular. More than 80 per cent of those surveyed said that they are connected to colleagues on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Suzanne Feeney, associate director at Robert Walters Ireland, said the results point to an upturn in confidence among job seekers across Europe.

“During the recession, people were hesitant to even move to another permanent position for fear of making the wrong choice”

“The idea of moving from a permanent contract of employment to a temporary/contract one was practically unheard of and the majority of jobseekers would not have even considered it. This is a clear sign that confidence has returned amongst job seekers and we are witnessing increased movement across markets as a result.”

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