Recruiters look to mini-me’s when hiring

Recruiters tend to look for “mini versions of themselves” when hiring according to a report from the CIPD

Do you recruit a mini me? A new report from the CIPD has revealed that recruiters tend to look for “mini versions of themselves” and instead of making recruitment decisions based on achievements they go with their ‘gut instinct’.

The report, A Head for Hiring: The Behavioural Science of Recruitment, revealed that hiring managers tend to hire candidates on factors that will have no real impact on their job performance such as visual, cultural and demographic factors.

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Men are more favoured for jobs over women for both male and female bosses, and managers will also look for ‘mini me’s’ – and tend to hire a person who looks, dresses and has similar hobbies to their own.

Candidates are less likely to get a job if an interview is at the end of the day, and other factors such as weight can affect how a candidate will be rated in their overall assessment.

Research Adviser at the CIPD, Jonny Gifford said: “We like to think we can spot talent, but insights from behavioural science show that our decision-making is actually highly prone to ‘sloppy thinking’ and bias.”

“Regardless of the level of resources and techniques one has to work with, there are steps that employers and recruiters can take to ensure that candidates get a fair recruitment experience and that employers find the person that best fits the role,” Gifford added.

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