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Cyber security jobs surge due to increase in IT security

Demand for cyber security roles has surged with 14 per cent of IT roles now based in IT Security

Demand for cyber security roles has surged as UK companies tackle IT security with 14 per cent of IT roles now based on securing their data.

According to research from Procorre, a consultancy firm, businesses in the UK are looking to boost their cyber security and hire experts to help protect them from hackers. In their research Procorre found that 1,420 out of 10,210 IT vacancies advertised related to cyber security.

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The demand for security professionals could be influenced by the recent high-profile hacking cases, such as the breach of Carphone Warehouse and the attack on Sony, as highly sensitive customer and confidential information were leaked online.

15 per cent of cyber security roles in the research had salaries of over £100,000 a year, as companies are paying high salaries to help protect their data.

The requirement for more cyber security professionals has also led to an increase in the number of courses available in the subject, with 42 universities now offering degrees related to cyber-security and over 700 post graduate qualifications available in cyber security subjects.

The contracts and HR manager at Procorre, Wiktor Podgorski, told Computer Weekly:” There is a global shortage of experienced and talented cyber-security experts, especially after a recent spate of high-profile attacks that have demonstrated the need for businesses to improve their cyber defences.”

Currently firms in the UK can be fined up to £500,000 for a data breach however a new European Data Protection Directive due to be implemented at the end of 2015 breaches can lead to more serious retributions for firms – including fines up to €100 million.

Podgorski added: “With the new directive imminent, businesses need to be even more secure with the data they are storing.

“Cyber security experts are being drafted in to address any concerns that could see hackers access sensitive information, which may lead to a drop in revenue and a hefty fine. Not to mention the reputational damage.”

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