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Nine out of ten employers view potential employees’ social media accounts

Nine out of ten employers admit that they always check a potential employee’s social media to vet them pre interview

Have you ever looked at an applicant’s social media before hiring them? You’re not alone with nine out of ten employers admitting that they always check a potential employee’s social media to vet them pre interview.

93 per cent of employers use Facebook and Twitter to check on potential candidates, with over half of recruiters reconsidering appointing someone based on their social media profile. 61 per cent of U turns were due to negative reasons.

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Reasons for the U-turns included the use of profanities, spelling and grammar mistakes, illegal drug references, sexual posts and mention of alcohol use on potential employees’ social media accounts.

The research from Jobvite, surveyed 1,855 HR managers across multiple industries including engineering, marketing, IT and sales.

In a separate survey of 2,000 14 to 25-year olds from Barclay’s LifeSkills one in five admitted to posting pictures from nights out, with one in 10 regularly sharing photos of themselves drinking despite 77 per cent of young people being aware that potential employers are checking social media profiles before hiring.

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