Cyber talent to be recruited in 24/7 online games hub

The first virtual world designed solely to recruit cyber talent has been unveiled by Cyber Security Challenge UK

The first virtual world designed solely to recruit cyber talent has been unveiled by Cyber Security Challenge UK.

The challenge, backed by the Cabinet Office and more than 50 private, public and academic organisations to promote cyber security as a career, is in its sixth year and marked a key milestone by launching the 3D virtual skyscraper called Cyphinx.

The ‘skyscraper’ is designed to act as a gateway to a number of cyber security games, competitions and recruitment opportunities to find some of the brightest minds to go into a cyber security career.

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As the games and competitions are online 24/7, which reflect real world skills that cyber professional use today, as well as learning materials and the chance to meet potential employers, Cyphinx has been designed to become the hub of cyber talent recruitment opportunities.

Traditional recruitment methods have proved ineffective in the cyber landscape, and according to Cybersecurity Challenge UK employers have been looking for new ways to find, test and appeal to fresh talent.

Candidates can create avatars, enter the world, and engage with potential employers, and create a digital CV through the games such as risk analysis, forensic analysis, network defence and ethics which can be used for recruitment purposes.

Some of the employers that have signed up, the organisers say, include BT, GCHQ, the Bank of England, Airbus, BAE Systems and the National Crime Agency.

Stephanie Daman, Cyber Security Challenge CEO, told Computer Weekly that despite the shortage of cyber professionals, there is a wealth of talent which is still untapped.

“Over the past six years we have made it our mission to find these individuals, using the best, most innovative methods. This is the next logical step to inspire an audience who may not yet even know that cyber is the career for them,” she said.

Digital economy minister Ed Vaizey added that the UK has a thriving digital economy, which means there is a massive demand for candidates to join the cyber security profession.

“Government is committed to encouraging young people to consider cyber security as a career, and this new virtual world, developed by the Cyber Security Challenge, will help ensure the UK develops the cyber experts of the future,” he said.

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