Recruitment Company Director held in custody for alleged VAT fraud

A director of a recruitment firm in court following allegations that he conned the HMRC out of nearly £400,000

A director of recruitment firm is in custody after appearing in court following allegations that he conned the HMRC out of nearly £400,000.

Stuart Newing-Davis has been remanded in custody after appearing at Perth Sheriff Court in Scotland, on a petition alleging large scale fraud.

He appeared in handcuffs after being arrested on a warrant after previously failing to turn up for court.

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Several charges relating to large scale tax evasion totalling £387,027 over a two year period was petitioned against Newing-Davis.

The 46 year old is alleged to have filed a series of fraudulent returns to avoid paying VAT to the HMRC between 2010 and June 2012.

Newing-Davis faces nine charges of evading VAT, and is alleged to have used documentation to back up fraudulent returns over 9 quarterly returns, ranging from £20,000 to £62,000 in the two years.

The charges also relate to when he was a company director of Ptarmigan Transport Solutions Ltd, as well as when he was director of

All the charges related to his period as company director of recruitment firm and Ptarmigan Transport Solutions Ltd.

A charge also alleges that having granted bail in December 2013 he failed to turn up to a scheduled court appearance in August 2014.

Sheriff Lindsay Foulis rejected Newing-Davis’s plea to be granted bail and remanded him in custody after he made no plea or declaration in connection with the charges.

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