5 top tips for recruiting to plug the digital skills gap in 2016

As the digital skills gap increases, attracting the best candidates to roles can be difficult when competition is incredibly high

As the digital skills gap increases, attracting the best candidates to roles can be difficult – especially in places like London and the South East where competition is incredibly high.

To help companies attract the best candidates Sophie Adelman, Market Manager of Hired UK shared five tips with City A.M..

  1. It’s not all about the money

Sophie told City A.M. that 80 per cent of candidates accept interviews due to factors other than the highest salary offered. She suggests that companies take the time to promote what makes them unique in order to engage candidates. Examples included perks like flexible working hours or the ability to work remotely – important parts of the overall package.

  1. Create a great tech culture

The idea of having ping-pong tables and free beer on tap might sound appealing, but engineers want to work in an environment where technology is at the heart of the business. They also value an environment where decision-making is consistent and transparent.

  1. Stay in touch

Sophie recommends that you get back to a candidate within 24 hours of an interview to let them know your decision – whether it’s calling them or sending them an email update.

She also suggests that scheduling the next round of interviews within three days of the previous interview will help you keep the candidate engaged. This will not only help you secure the best candidates, but help you get good word of mouth branding about your recruitment process.

  1. Move fast

Hired UK say that top candidates are usually off the market within three weeks. Ensuring you continuously keep an eye out for top talent in the market and refining your recruitment practices will help you snap them up before your competitors do.

  1. Prepare early for the January rush

As January is the time when the largest number of people start to look for a new job, Sophie suggests that planning before Christmas will allow a company to get the best tech talent in the New Year.

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