‘Facebook for ex-staff’ launches as companies seek to tackle talent shortage

A new start-up has launched, promising to be a ‘Facebook for professionals’, to allow businesses to keep tabs on staff once they leave

A new start-up has launched, promising to be a ‘Facebook for professionals’, to allow large businesses to keep tabs on staff once they leave the company.

Enterprise Jungle’s ‘alumni management’ system allows global giants, such as SAP – an early adopter of the technology, to use ex-employees when job openings arise, to help battle the growing shortage in talent.

Emma Sinclair, co-founder of the firm alongside brother James, claims that: “There are so few ways to harness the power of alumni intelligently, and Facebook and LinkedIn are obviously not the best tools for large companies. We’ve brought alumni management into the 21st century.”

Ex-employees are incentivised to join the platform through perks and the promise of job offers. James Sinclair said that alumni can access benefits and deals available to current employees such as discounted phone contracts, cheap laptops and deals on event tickets.

Enterprise Jungle expects a new corporation to use EnterpriseAlumni – currently costing £15,000-a-month for a pilot version – every month in 2016.

“Everyone gets the business case behind this technology,” Mr Sinclair added. “There’s a huge movement towards contingent labour and there’s a looming talent shortage – especially in the hi-tech arena, which means that companies need a central repository of alumni that they can communicate with and understand.”

The advantages of ex-employees coming back include them needing less training than new staff and, often, they have an in-depth knowledge of products or services, James told The Telegraph.

SAP Chief Executive Bill McDermott, commenting on the EnterpriseAlumni technology to The Telegraph, said: “We all know the power of networks in this digital economy. Connections make us stronger and give us the ability to see the world through the unique perspectives of our connected peers.

‘The SAP Alumni Network is our opportunity to come together, to celebrate the company we love and to keep in touch with all the people who made it so special.”

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