Don’t start a recruitment business on your own!

Hiring staff is a nightmare!

If my 20 plus years in recruitment has taught me anything, it’s pretty obvious what it is. Unless you are planning a life of solitude as a sole trader, for the sake of personal sanity and wellbeing, do not start a recruitment business on your own if your vision is to grow a company. It will avoid years of inward mind searching and significant levels of frustration. And here’s why…


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Hiring staff is a nightmare!

There you go, I’ve said it. Having come at this issue from nearly every angle that I could imagine, you just can’t get away from the significant challenge of convincing a good recruiter (or anybody worth engaging to be fair) to join your vision of growth and hop on board the train to fame and fortune in ‘your great one man band’.

Lets get it into perspective. You may be a ‘legend’ in your world of recruitment, but be real, you are a tiny percentage of a multi-billion turnover industry. Your circle of influence is going to be insignificant, your brand is barely recognisable… and you expect someone to work for you? Face it, cause it ain’t gonna be that easy!

If you want to grow a business my first piece of advice is to start a recruitment business with a likeminded friend or to find yourself a recruitment franchise. I’ll tell you why, next time I put pen to paper.

Gavin Chase

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