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Chartered Status just got one big step closer – Do Recruiters want it?

By Azmat Mohammed, Director General at The British Institute of Recruiters (BIoR)

The British Institute of Recruiters (BIoR) is working hard towards Chartered Status for recruiters, but in recent online recruitment forum discussions, you will see that not all agree.

Some recruiters think Chartered recruitment firms will be of no additional benefit to the industry, and others think it offers a way to impose uniform standards where possible.

I believe that if you want to ensure people have some common values, like how they respond and update candidates or timelines in which complaints are handled, you must build a standards framework, and that is something Chartered Status can offer.

As a professional body, if you set some parameters around education, professional development, complaints handling etc you can then start to build a common standards framework that your Chartered members would need to adhere to if they are to retain Chartered Status.

I am unsure why anyone would resist Chartered Status in recruitment as you would work to become a Chartered recruitment company on a voluntary basis only, it’s not a requirement.

But, just like accountancy, once introduced the bigger clients and public sector would most likely only work with Chartered recruiters as they know an element of due diligence has already been done on that firm, and there will be a more robust level of recourse for poor practice.

The truth is, the new apprenticeship levy has now started the ball rolling in terms of more recruiters gaining formal qualifications so Chartered Status just got one big step closer.

I would expect to see Chartered Status in recruitment within 5-10 years.

By Azmat Mohammed, Director General at The British Institute of Recruiters (BIoR)

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One comment

  1. Gavin Chase

    No doubt that Chartered status should be the way to go for the sake of creating a real recruitment profession in like with solicitors, accountants, hr etc. My question is whether or not companies will be willing to pay for the service of a chartered institute as they have become so used to commodity based services from the vast majority of recruitment agencies

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