Is cold calling dead?

Article by Jemma Lea Bevan, Business Development Officer Manager at The British Institute of Recruiters

Since the birth of the world wide web and more Importantly the introduction of social media platforms, there has been a shift in the way people want to buy so it makes sense that we have to change the way we sell……………right?

I mean who actually goes to the shop these days to by that adorable little jumper they saw….. NOONE!! We head to the website and order it in various sizes (depending on how frumpy we are feeling that day) to try in the comfort of our own home. The majority of us even by our groceries on line. This shift in the market has led to a decline in the high street but, has it also effected the way we need to sell?

Cold calling in my eyes is still a fantastic tool but, instead of writing it off why not enhance it by ‘reaching out’ (the oldest sales term in the book) via one of the many social media platforms? By using a platform such as linked in, the initial call goes from a cold call to a warm call as the person you are calling knows exactly who you are and what you are wanting to talk to him about.

By using this method, the chances of conversion are increased, you are more likely to turn this conversation in to a meeting and later down the line a sale!!

Thus bringing us back to my original point. Is cold calling really dead??…………………………..NO the process has just been enhanced by social media!!

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