This is why 70% of your staff are stressed at work

You may well be suffering from stress without even knowing it

You may not knowingly attribute your lack of energy, difficulty sleeping or piercing headache to stress, but it is an incredibly common cause of these and many other symptoms.

LinkedIn conducted a survey on their website which revealed that almost 50% of workers believe they are affected in some way by stress in their workplace.

When prompted for a reason for this blight of stress, a massive 70% of those surveyed blamed their inability to get the work-life balance right. Of course, this is somewhat of a holy grail – getting the right amount of work and leisure time in your life is incredibly difficult, and it is hard not to sneakily check those mountains of emails sitting in your inbox at the weekend or to fret about a meeting on Monday morning.

Managing your time wisely can help to ease your worries and allow you more hours of freedom with your family and friends or even to dedicate some time to some well-deserved self-care. The following advice comes from experts in time management to help you do just that.

1. No Time to Waste

Are you spending hours sitting on your phone or in front of the TV? Try writing down your activities in half-hour slots to track your time and decide whether you are spending your free time well.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Say ‘No’

If you are good at your job, you may well be in demand for your services. If you agree to help everyone and do everything, you will find you lack any time for your own tasks. By taking on one job, you are leaving no room for another.

3. Reorganise Your To-Do List

When ticking off tasks on our to-do list, we tend to tackle them according to urgency. Rather than prioritising in this way, try completing those items today which will give you more free time tomorrow. Ensure your staff are trained in mundane actions to ease their everyday workload, invest in an idea or project which will help you undertake tasks with more ease, or write an automated computer system to help with the little things. Investing in time will ease your stress.

4. Pay for Someone Else to Share the Load

Not everyone can afford it, but if it is possible for you – go for it. Pay a cleaner to tackle your house, pay someone to iron your clothes or pay someone to do the gardening or pick up the shopping. Use your hard-earned cash to buy a little happiness by ensuring that someone else takes care of the jobs you hate.

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