Millennials love to travel – here’s how to keep them in your job

Millennials do not stick around for long in any one job for a variety of reasons

Recent research has shown that Millennials frequently get itchy feet after joining the workforce, with many of them eager to up sticks and explore the world. This presents a significant challenge for employers, but there are ways in which managers can still retain top talent while letting them satisfy their thirst for travel.

The reality is that the younger you are, the shorter the amount of time you are likely to stay in a job. In fact, researchers have found that 25-34 year-olds stay in a role for 2.8 years on average, compared with over 10 years for those in the 55-64 age bracket.

Millennials do not stick around for long in any one job for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest factors is that they experience wanderlust. People of this age tend to have fewer responsibilities, such as being tied down to a mortgage or a family, so have increased opportunities to travel. Yet, increasing numbers of Millennials are packing their bags and heading overseas because they need some time out. Indeed, as many as 28 per cent of young people frequently experience workplace burnout, in comparison to 21 per cent of older generations.

The good news is that, as an employer, you can still let Millennial workers satisfy their desires to travel, without losing them from your payroll.

Holiday allowance

If you want to keep staff, make sure that they have the option to travel with adequate holiday allowance. Many employees are so busy in their roles, that they frequently do not have time to use up their annual leave. Don’t let this happen. Have a policy in place that monitors staff holidays and workload, and ensure that workers take what they are owed. You might also want to offer flexible working arrangements, if feasible, which means that staff can take a sabbatical if they want some extra time off, but without losing them for good.

Ensuring that staff use their holidays is also crucial from an employer perspective since time away from the office can leave staff feeling energised, motivated and recharged on their return.

Travel with work

Another way to satisfy a worker’s travel bug is to try to incorporate the option to move around with the job, if possible. Whether that be visiting clients overseas, or a period of time spent working in a branch abroad, giving nomadic workers this opportunity can satisfy their travel lust while still keeping them on your books.

Travel incentives

Not every business will be able to offer staff the option to travel with their job, especially young firms that are just starting out and may have limited budgets. However, you can still acknowledge that travel is important to Millennials by offering them travel-related incentives and discounts, especially if you operate a reward scheme at work. This could include vouchers for stays at hotels or airline discounts, for example.

Wellness opportunities

It is interesting that Millennials often want to escape these shores simply because they are exhausted and have had enough. If this is the case, provide opportunities that help to revitalise flagging energy levels or reduce workplace stress. Take advantage of wellness incentives, such as gym memberships, yoga classes or discounts for spa breaks, to prevent talented staff from fleeing through burnout.

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