THE RISE AND FALL OF RECRUITMENT BRANDS – By Doug Rode, Senior Managing Director, PageGroup

Every company has an employer brand, whether consciously or not.

Every company has an employer brand, whether consciously or not. The experience of current and previous employees and the stories they tell, along with the opinions of customers and suppliers, all go to create a perception in the candidate market place as to what an organisation is like to work for.

It is up to each individual business how much they wish to engage in the conversation and proactively create the employer brand they wish to portray, both internally and externally to their organisation.

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Any external marketing branding needs to align with employer branding initiatives and it is crucial that employer branding mirrors the actual culture and expectations of the business.

Perhaps the biggest challenge is to ensure that each company’s values are truly brought to life as they portray what it means to work for the organisation, and to make sure that it is delivered through the right channels to ensure attraction and retention of a high calibre and diverse workforce.

It is important to capitalise on the diversity of opportunities within professional recruitment that lie outside the remit of its original, core brand. Sometimes companies must create a new brand structure to consolidate their operations and maximise the opportunities available within professional recruitment globally.

On Tuesday 10th February, Mr Rode spoke on the rise and fall of recruitment brands from an employer/employee perspective at an event, hosted by network and consultancy business, Radius. Mr Rode and five other industry-leading experts examined how different organisations across private and public sectors use their brand image to recruit and retain the best talent.

By Doug Rode, Senior Managing Director, PageGroup

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