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5 things recruiters will be telling their candidates as they prepare for 2016 job interviews

Job candidates should remember a few basics to ensure their best chance of success at the job interview

Recruiters should be busy in 2016 as the plethora of studies about how many people are looking to find a new job paints a clear picture, new year-new start!

But job candidates will do well to remember a few basics that recruiters will (yet again) be drumming home to ensure their best chance of success at the job interview.

  1. Tell the truth

Don’t embellish the truth on your CV.  When you get found out at the job interview you will embarrass yourself and your recruitment consultant.

  1. Cockiness has a limit in an interview

Be confident, that’s a great quality, but if you want to pretend you are candidate on ‘The Apprentice’ and cross the line, you will end up out of the door.

  1. Don’t make it all about money

An employer wants to know you want to be part of a team, and do some great work at their company.  They don’t want to feel you turned up because the money was good.  Do research and ask great questions about the role.  Show you want to work for the company, and forget the ‘Show me the money’ routine.

  1. Don’t talk negatively about your previous employer/manager

It does not make any difference about the details but being negative about others is never a way to impress a potential employer.  Be respectful and professional if you want to leave a good impression.

  1. Give specific examples of how your experience can be valuable in the new role

Use real life examples of how you can apply your experience in the new role.  Don’t waffle, and try and use every buzzword you know.  Be clear and concise.  You want to make it obvious that you have thought about how much you can bring to the role.

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