Setting and Meeting Your Own Personal Targets

All successful people are target/goal oriented. They tend to accomplish far more than the average person in all aspects of life. So how…

Setting a personal target or goal is just that – personal, and if a person does not have a deep-seated reason for setting their target, their chances of success will be dramatically shortened. A target setting plan is a pathway to self development but correctly formulating the plan helps ensure you achieve your targets.

All successful people are target/goal oriented. They know exactly what they want they are working toward the achievement of their targets every single day. They tend to accomplish far more than the average person in all aspects of life. So how do you meet your targets?

Clearly define your targets

The more precise and clear your targets are the easier it will be to know when they are complete. Just like in business, targets should be specific and measurable. Break down an overall target into manageable and more easily obtainable. Ensuring they are achievable and that are within the realms of reality is imperative otherwise you will run the risk of them becoming de-motivated.

Write down your targets – nightly if needed

Targets are merely wishes written down, so write them down. Writing them can have an effect on your subconscious and make you more motivated. Make them precise and specific. Ask yourself this question: ‘If I achieved only three things tomorrow but would still call it a good day, what would those three things be?’

Set Deadlines

Ensure that your targets have an overall target – an each sub target has a related sub target. Meeting these deadlines will make you more motivated and ensure that you carry on trying to reach your goals. Make sure that you have aggressive, but realistic time frames. You want to challenge yourself.

Make it Visible

Once you’ve written your list of targets keep it visible – at home or at the office. Use pictures of what you want to achieve to keep you motivated. Tell others about your targets as it then makes it harder for you to pull out or stop trying.

Start Today

If you want to achieve your goals start today – not next week or tomorrow. Start the momentum going and ideally you should be taking action towards your target on a daily basis. If you don’t start now it may never get done!

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