Do you want a top job in the US? 19 interview questions for your consideration

If you want to work for the highest-paying company in America, you will need to brace yourself for some tough questions

Here we reveal 19 of the most challenging questions candidates have been asked by a Chicago-based global management consulting firm.

Voted number one company by Glassdoor, AT Kearney rewards its employees with an average salary of $167,534 (over £116,000) including bonuses. It is also well known for being one of the hardest companies to be interviewed by. As with most big consulting firms, its interviews cover both case study and experience-based questions:

  1. How many ping-pong balls would fit in a 747 plane?
  2. Can you name three things you do professionally that would disappoint an employer?
  3. How many people in New York City drink coffee?
  4. When was the last time you failed at something?
  5. In a 180-litre composition, 10% is formed of milk. What percentage of milk would there be if you added another 20 litres of milk?
  6. How would you cope with a frustrated client deciding not to implement your work?
  7. How much money does Coca-Cola spend on aluminium in the US every year?
  8. What would your previous boss say about you?
  9. How can you predict the demand for pizza in your home town?
  10. What level of detail do you go into while managing a project?
  11. How many office phones are there in this building?
  12. How would you convince a client that you are the best person to help them?
  13. At a four-way crossroads, how many times a day would the light turn red?
  14. Can you describe an occasion when you had to convince someone with data?
  15. How many flights take off from O’Hare airport every day?
  16. What was this city’s culture like when you joined your school, and how did you adapt to it?
  17. How many degrees are there between the hands of a watch reading 9.50?
  18. There is going to be a major influx of people at an airport due to the Olympic Games. What issues will arise and how would you advise the CEO to deal with them?
  19. Why did you want an interview with us after you graduated?

If you want to work for AT Kearney, you need to put your thinking cap on. This company does not hand jobs out to the average candidate.

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