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Skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace

Having a varied skill set that ranges from hard to soft skills is important if you want to succeed in the modern workplace

Certain skill sets are sought after in specific jobs, whereas other ‘hybrid’ skills can transcend across industries; some can even be your ticket to those elusive super-salary jobs.

What are the skills you need to succeed in today’s workforce and how can you ensure that your skill set is constantly evolving to meet the needs of a diverse and changeable business climate?

Being a good communicator

Working within any industry generally means engaging with people from all walks of life and of all ages. Good communication means being able to modify your tone and identify the best ways to engage with staff on different levels. Being able to do this successfully makes you an asset to any company and requires a certain amount of people skills, tact and cultural knowledge.


As many businesses look to go global, having a good understanding of the social, cultural and political impacts on business in other countries can be a sought-after skill for many prospective employers who want to expand their company into other global markets.

Have a specific skill (that is also non-specific)

There are many skills that can transcend across industries, and having an area of expertise that can also be rolled out across other platforms is lucrative. Take data analysts as an example. At one time, their main calling would have been within the IT sector; today, this can be applied in many other roles, such as HR, sales and marketing – essentially any arena that involves data that needs to be analysed.

Someone with a dedicated but versatile skill such as this could find a job in a number of high-paid sectors.

Willingness to learn

Someone who has an open mind to constantly improving and honing their skills is generally seen as an asset to any firm. The business climate is constantly changing and an attitude of ‘I’ve finished learning’ is outdated and narrow minded. Staff who constantly grow their skill set to accommodate new, relevant things within the modern workforce are very valuable.

Good outsourcing

Outsourcing is now a major skill. Describing the needs of the company clearly and concisely and then finding the right person to carry them out is an important tool that can have a major impact on the success of a project or task. Being able to outsource successfully is a great quality.

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