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How writing your PhD Thesis can improve your career prospects

Article by Kevin Nelson, a professional educator and a private tutor with over 8 years of experience

After many years of research, and as you near the end of your PhD, this time is arguably the most challenging for college students. A massive investment in energy, time and motivation is mainly required. Here, you need to complete a variety of tasks, such as experiments and a research story created to aid in the preparation of your final thesis paper.

Hence, failure to have a strategic plan and different project management skills spell doom as you’re likely to miss deadlines. About 50% of college grads don’t finish their doctoral degrees according to research done by Prof. Leonard Cassuto of Fordham University.

It is therefore important to know how to come up with a thesis to win. We will consider some points on how to do just that.

Plan for your final year before writing your thesis

Developing an action plan for your last year is very crucial. Proper planning assists you in making good use of the time left while also reducing overwhelming feelings. Different students have various methods of preparation. While some opt to work towards achieving their goals in step by step, linear process, others choose to move from task to task until they finish their thesis paper.

There is no defined method of conducting such planning. Instead, as a student, you have to come up with the technique that fits perfectly with you. You might decide to use a mind map or a timeline. Despite the methods you use, ensure that you follow your plan and be flexible.

Your priorities should be apparent

What are your priorities? In many cases, these include those experiments which provide your thesis with a suitable conclusion. Crucial administrative tasks also need close attention. Also, setting time to prepare for your next career increases your chances of having a fruitful and secure post PhD job. Keep in mind that as a student who’s just about to finish his or her thesis, you are likely to have high-level competencies similar to those of a junior postdoctoral student.

In such a situation, your supervisor may give you different responsibilities for graduate students or even brand-new projects. Saying no to him or she is challenging because of some reasons. For example, you may end up losing the chance of being included in future projects.
Therefore, it is necessary to follow you plan which helps in reminding you of your deadlines and priorities.

Look for a great mentor

Studies have shown that students who had mentors from their first year in college have a 170% greater chance of finishing their degree than those who didn’t. With the extra work and effort required in completing a PhD, you need a mentor more than ever!

Look for someone who is good in providing feedback on different projects, offering advice and encouragement. Such a mentor can greatly assist you in avoiding hurdles which are likely to slow you down. Find someone who knows how to motivate you to complete different jobs. However, avoid those friends who sugar-coat you with positive information all the time or tell you that everything will be okay!

Make use of constructive criticism

We all make a few mistakes in the learning process or even when coming up with topics for argumentative essays. However, such should not discourage you from writing an awesome thesis paper. Instead, learn from your mistakes as soon as possible. Many professors and academic advisors have a lot to share on the different PhD writing needs. Good examples here include research designs, finding grants or publication writing.

Find a suitable dissertation chair for you!

It is also important to choose the best dissertation chair. Keep in mind that the head of the program may not even be the best choice. Conducting proper research here is quite necessary. Find out if they ‘graduate’ their different students in a timely and efficient manner. Are they well known in their various fields of research?

You can look for a dissertation chair by talking to current graduate students on various professors or just conducting a simple search through the internet. Avoid rookie teachers with little to no experience or retiring professors that may not be overly interested in research.

Your dissertation topic should be as narrow as possible

You should not spend close to ten years on your PhD. A narrow topic may seem as if you lack enough information to talk about. However, the more you do research, you stand a greater chance of coming up with a narrow but intense research topic. Look for active researchers in your affected area and discuss the different needs for that the investigation.


With the above information, you have the most valuable tips for coming up with a PhD thesis paper for a better career in the future. Remember that success depends largely on persistence and hard work. Also, you can seek help from professionals who offer thesis and essay writing services!

By Kevin Nelson 

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