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Suffering from stress? Here’s how to tell your manager

If you want to share your circumstances to explain why you have been distant or less reliable at work lately

Stress is sadly all too common in modern-day society, with young professionals being put under immense pressure to work hard for small salaries to pay extortionate mortgages and support their children.

Some millennials are struggling to get even one foot on the property ladder, so the chance of upsizing when they come to need more space for their growing families is close to none.

This can be very mentally challenging; therefore, it can be useful to know how to broach the subject of stress with your boss, as this is an area that is very likely to be affected by your feelings of anxiety.

Don’t suffer in silence

In the past, there has been a stigma attached to mental health; however, you should know that around one in three people in the workplace suffer from stress – and this is only those who have come forward. Opening up to your boss, or even to your colleagues, can really feel like a weight off your shoulders. You may be surprised by how understanding your company is and how much help is available; however, if this is not the case, do remember that you have legal rights when it comes to your health.

Choose the right time and place

It is best not to suffer in silence, as all this will do is allow tension to build up until you eventually reach a tipping point. If you are beginning to feel under too much pressure at work or at home, consider talking to someone within your company before the situation gets out of hand.

Think about what you want to gain

If you want to share your circumstances to explain why you have been distant or less reliable at work lately, you might want to explain the extent of your feelings; alternatively, if you do not want things to change too much and are wary about oversharing, you may wish to keep your sentiments more guarded and simply request help with some of your tasks.

Speak to the correct person

If you are suffering from stress, the last thing you want is to feel that everyone in the office is talking about you. Confiding in someone such as your manager and then finding out that you need to open up to someone in HR can become a little tiresome and embarrassing for you; however, if you feel comfortable talking to your boss about your personal life regardless and you share a good relationship, you might feel like a weight has been lifted by letting them in on how you are feeling in addition to speaking to the correct person.

National Stress Awareness Day, which took place on Wednesday 1 November this year, is a time to think about our health and taking care of ourselves mentally in addition to physically.

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