Revealed: 5 of the best and worst States to find candidates in 2019

Resume-Library, has found that 72.2% of hiring professionals are planning to increase their level of recruitment this year

Brand new data from job site, Resume-Library, has found that 72.2% of hiring professionals are planning to increase their level of recruitment this year, with further analysis revealing that this will be easier in some states than others.

In fact, Resume-Library explored the number of applications made through its platform in 2018 and compared these findings with the previous year, to reveal which states have the best hiring prospects in 2019. The findings reveal that these are the five best states to find candidates this year:

  1. Washington (apps up 106% in 2018)
  2. Virginia (apps up 93.1% in 2018)
  3. Arizona (apps up 76.9% in 2018)
  4. Maryland (apps up 52.1% in 2018)
  5. North Carolina (apps up 51.4% in 2018)

Despite this upwards trend, the job site’s sister company, CV-Library, found that 83.9% of hiring professionals are finding that a lack of relevant talent is a major challenge for them right now, with further data from Resume-Library revealing that these are the top five U.S. states that are being most affected:

  1. Wisconsin (17.2% drop in apps in 2018)
  2. South Carolina (8.1% drop in apps in 2018)
  3. Kansas (3.4% drop in apps in 2018)
  4. New York (2.4% drop in apps in 2018)
  5. Michigan (0.5% drop in apps in 2018)

“Our findings paint a mixed picture of the U.S. hiring market right now. On the one hand, we’re seeing a candidate boom in key locations across the West and South regions, but at the same time, certain states in the Midwest are being impacted by a drop in candidate appetite,” said Lee Biggins, Founder and CEO of Resume-Library.

“It’s no secret that many companies are struggling to find the candidates they need, particularly as the U.S. employment rate is continuing to climb. As such, organizations are under intense pressure to make every effort to impress candidates and entice them out of their current roles.”

Need help with your hiring? Resume-Library’s, sister company, CV-Library, found that these are some of the ways that hiring professionals are sourcing top talent in 2019:

  • 89.5% plan to invest in new technologies, with social media and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs) topping the list
  • A further 60.7% believe application forms are no longer necessary and will therefore focus on streamlining their application process this year
  • And, over half (54.5%) will build on their employer brand to ensure they position themselves as an employer of choice

Biggins concludes: “Nowadays, you can’t always rely on job applications alone to fill your roles. Instead, consider the tools you can use that will help you to be more proactive in your hiring efforts, such as Resume Search. Whether it’s head-hunting top talent, or pushing your employer brand, be sure to stay on top of the latest hiring trends if you hope to get ahead this year.”

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