Why off-boarding is a trend every employer needs to be

Lee Biggins, CEO and founder of Resume-Library, offers his expert advice on the matter

For employers, a lot of focus is placed on on-boarding new hires so they settle into the company without a hitch. But the growing trend of ‘off-boarding’ can actually have a similar, if not more significant, effect.

In fact, an off-boarding process that makes your employees feel valued can boost your staff retention efforts, with research suggesting that investing in off-boarding increases retention by 71%. Yet, only 29% of companies in the U.S. have a formal offboarding process.

With this in mind, Lee Biggins, CEO and founder of Resume-Library, offers his expert advice on the matter, explaining how employers can successfully transition employees out of their organizations:

“While it’s never nice to lose an employee to another company, offboarding is now a crucial part of organizations’ employer branding efforts. Designed to leave a fond lasting impression of your business, and also improve engagement amongst your existing team members, having a clear strategy in place to smoothly transition employees out of your organization is key.

“Remember, your employees are human beings and they want to feel valued and appreciated. So, your offboarding process may involve an exit interview with HR, the setting up of alumni groups, and even a reminder that there’s a potential for them to re-join your company in the future. Don’t just disregard them or treat them like they’re no longer important to you as this will only leave a sour taste.

“In addition to this, be sure to let them know that you’re able to provide a reference and take on board any feedback they give about your company. You never know, they might come away from your business realizing that the grass isn’t greener on the other side. Better still, they may not leave altogether! But if they do, they’re likely to return with more experience and a refined skillset that can benefit your organization.”

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