New thumb print powered app could boost temp agency growth

Early trials demonstrated TempBuddy’s ability to significantly reduce costs, improve service and accelerate agency response times.

The first biometric-controlled smartphone app for the recruitment industry has been launched. The TempBuddy worker app uses biometric identity verification to allow real-time check-in and check-out that can be accessed via a candidate’s smartphone device.

Early trials demonstrated TempBuddy’s ability to significantly reduce costs, improve service, accelerate agency response times, and give those recruiters a competitive advantage over those who aren’t using the system.

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Roderick Smyth, CEO of TempBuddy , said:

“Many of the processes involved in managing a contingency workforce, such as timesheet gathering, rostering, payrolling, and obtaining timely approval and sign off, are dogged with inefficiencies that have plagued the recruitment industry since time immemorial, and short of digitising a flawed process technology has had little impact in this time.

“The result is that these processes waste valuable time both for recruiters and the workers, and they limit the recruiter’s ability to manage higher volumes of placements which has a direct impact of the agency’s bottom line.”

The TempBuddy app provides contingency recruiters with cloud based real-time workforce management platform. It addresses all the flaws inherent in contingent workforce management processes with a single, 360° solution which drives efficiencies for recruiters, candidates and hiring managers alike.

Candidates can quickly clock-in and clock-out using TempBuddy’s biometric geo-locator as well as having access to their work schedules and shift changes in real time, anytime, anywhere. They no longer need their line managers to sign off time sheets, which means they have greater flexibility in terms of where they are able to work.

Recruiters can receive immediate real time updates on workforce availability and any potential issues, such as pre-emptive late alerts. It also facilitates faster decision-making derived from real time insights, thereby enabling recruiters (and hiring managers) better resource planning – especially during periods of peak demand – which results in significant costs savings.

Mr Smyth added:

“By modernising their approach to time sheet gathering and streamlining these everyday processes, recruiters can increase their capacity for assignments, and enhance the overall candidate experience, whilst boosting their employer brand as a forward-thinking organisation in the process.”

The British Institute of Recruiters is the Professional Body operating The Recruitment Certification Scheme

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