The worst horror stories from job interviews revealed

New research amongst 700 of the country’s top recruiting experts has exposed the most horrifying interview tales

Thought the scariest thing about an interview was the interview itself? Think again! There’s plenty of spine-chilling behaviour happening behind closed interview doors that is bound to shake your nerves.

New research conducted by CV-Library amongst 700 of the country’s top recruiting experts has exposed the most horrifying interview tales:

  • Ever felt like you’ve forgotten something? That must have been the case for the candidate that forgot to put her teeth in before her interview.

Rose interviewed for an admin job in Birmingham

  • Being escorted home in a police car isn’t quite how you want an interview to end. But that’s what happened to one interviewee that turned up drunk and proceeded to get back in their car to drive home after being turned away.

David interviewed for an IT job in Leeds

  • We all worry about a wardrobe faux-pas when dressing for an interview, but one interviewee made an unforgettable impression with his outfit choice when he decided to wear a comedy penis tie to his final-stage interview. He thought it would demonstrate the ‘fun side’ of his personality!

Harry interviewed for a management job in Manchester

  • If you don’t ask… One plucky applicant tried their luck and actually asked the receptionist out on a date before going into the interview…we wonder which situation was most successful?!

Andy interviewed for a sales job in Edinburgh

  • Most of us can count on our family for support when the going gets tough, but one interviewee took it a step too far when bringing his parents to his interview. Not only did he introduce them all to the interviewer, but he also had a bloody collar from where he’d cut himself shaving in the car!

Gareth interviewed for an admin job in Reading

  • Not one for the squeamish. While it’s good to make an impression on the interviewer, making them sick probably wasn’t what this applicant had in mind! After talking about some unusual ‘food’ he had eaten in Nigeria, the interviewer appeared to lose their appetite and become very unwell.

Dave interviewed for an engineering job in Manchester

  • They say safety comes first, but one candidate may have taken this a little too literally – he attended an interview and kept his motorbike helmet on his head throughout the entire thing.

Jack interviewed for an IT job in London

  • While it’s wise to go to the loo before you sit down for an interview, it’s usually best to wait until you’ve found the bathroom! Unfortunately, one man couldn’t be bothered to scout them out – they decided to pee against the wall beside the fire escape instead!

Mark interviewed for a customer services job in Derby

  • You know what they say about karma… it certainly came back to bite one interviewee! After telling someone to f*** off on the train, imagine their horror when they arrived at their interview to find the man they’d sworn at was their interviewer. It doesn’t get much worse than that – #awkward

George interviewed for a management job in London

  • We’ve all had job interviews that have left us a little flustered, but one applicant left in such a flap that they managed to leave a shoe behind!

Jessica interviewed for an admin job in Glasgow

Feeling alarmed? Remember to keep your wits about you during your next job interview, who knows what could happen..!

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