10 things you never knew about the Institute of Recruiters, IOR

The IOR has a growing membership and continues to gain momentum

The IOR is one for the fastest growing membership bodies in recruitment, but here are 10 things you may not know about the Institute of Recruiters, IOR.

  1. As well as agency support and courses, the IOR also delivers training and qualifications to In-House recruiters and HR professionals – it’s the only recruiting body to do this.
  2. The IOR owns the popular StudyCourse distance learning platform and is delivering courses in 15 countries.
  3. The IOR owns the Recruiting Times recruitment magazine which is now the most read online recruitment magazine in Britain.
  4. The IOR owns the SplitFee network with over 550 recruitment agencies signed up, and will be adding live end hirer jobs at full fee (for IOR members) from 2016.
  5. The IOR is seeking full Chartered Status for its members.
  6. The IOR owns FlamePost, the social media platform that makes it easy to bulk schedule posts, and it will add these posts to all your social accounts for you, saving you time.
  7. The IOR is setting up its own apprenticeship and funded course delivery arm called IOR Business School starting in Jan 2016. It will deliver government funded courses and qualifications in recruitment, HR, marketing, sales and more.
  8. The IOR runs the Ethics Champion Programme which is hugely popular with recruiters to show they have high ethical standards in business.
  9. The IOR has the lowest membership fees of the 3 main recruiting bodies. Compare the fees and benefits and see how the IOR stacks up.  It is also the only recruiting body that openly displays its membership fees.
  10. The IOR is the only UK recruiting body with its own job board –IOR Jobs – and is launching the free online recruiter directory ‘National Register of Recruiters‘ in Jan 2016.

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The British Institute of Recruiters is the Professional Body operating The Recruitment Certification Scheme

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