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NZ employer offering unlimited holiday and profit share scheme

The sort of job that never comes along in real life but we love to daydream

Imagine a job opportunity that offered you the chance to do the work you loved with no established shifts or hourly requirements and the ability to take as much paid leave as you wanted each year.

This sounds like the kind of opportunity we can only dream about during the dreary commute or after a long week slogging away in the office – the sort of job that never comes along in real life but we love to daydream about when we are doing our real job; however, this idyllic opportunity has become a reality.

The New Zealand organisation Rocketwerkz, which develops games, first made a name for itself when its CEO worked as lead designer for the apocalyptic zombie video game DayZ. Dean Hall was looking to achieve something entirely different for his firm when he established it – something that would give Rocketwerkz a reputation for innovation, placing it at the forefront of the industry.

By launching a pay structure and employee benefits package that eclipses all others in the industry, he just might have achieved this.

Hall is not only offering unlimited paid duvet days but has also promised to provide his team of staff with a share in company profits, thereby mitigating the potential of his employees taking too much advantage of the paid time off.

The flexible working structure provides staff with a further guarantee – that Hall’s annual salary will be capped to remain at just 10% above the highest-paid employee’s salary. His strategy to attract global top talent has already started to reap huge rewards, with Hall receiving a healthy 300 Facebook messages within one week after a local NZ newspaper reported on his offer.

This is not the first time Hall has stretched the boundaries of tradition in terms of corporate working. The CEO has previously attracted attention for bringing kittens into the office as a measure for combatting stress; in addition, the office resembles less of a corporate space and more of a school sports day on Fridays, with games taking the place of work to end the week positively.

Hall, who previously worked as an air force officer with the Royal New Zealand Air Force, has been frank about the rationale behind his decision. He has commented that flexible working opportunities were previously usually only appraised negatively, with a focus upon the potential loss of revenue incurred by forward-thinking employers. He decided to change things about by leveraging his air force experience, which taught him that staff were his most valuable asset.

The result? His firm looks set to expand to 100 employees by the end of the year from its current staff base of 40 – not bad for a small startup with a quirky approach to employment.

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