Employers need to know these things about hiring Generation Z

But what exactly is Generation Z?

Generation Z is starting to take over the workforce, so it is important for employers to learn more about this group, so that they can provide a positive working environment that benefits both the employee and the employer.

But what exactly is Generation Z? Most people agree that it includes anyone who was born between 1995 and 2005. That is a large group of people, and in fact, there are nearly 79 million people in the United States who fit into this category.

This is why it is so important to understand Generation Z. They make up a huge chunk of the workforce, and they are slightly different to previous generations. Here are three things employers need to know about hiring Generation Z.

They are hard workers

Many employers are dismissive of millennials and Generation Z, but in reality, Generation Z are more competitive than millennials, who tend to believe in cooperation and collaboration. This means that Generation Z will work hard and try to be the best, so they may work better alone than in teams.

This is ideal for any company that has a competitive streak, but it means people from this group may not work as well in a team based company.

They want to find alternatives

Generation Z were raised in a time of political and financial turmoil, and this has shaped their view of the world. They are aware that it can be difficult to find a good job, and so they tend to be grateful when they do find work, which is beneficial for employers. They also have a do it yourself attitude that means they are likely to be productive rather than lazy.

However, they can be a little cynical, and they want to change the current system so that there is less political and financial turmoil. This can benefit employers who want their company to have a positive attitude towards change, but it could mean that Generation Z employees don’t work as well in traditional companies that don’t plan to change.

They are digital natives

One of the best things about Generation Z is that they are digital natives, which can benefit companies in a multitude of ways, especially if the business relies on IT and social media marketing. This generation has never known a world without social media, tablets and smartphones, so they are extremely comfortable around technology.

They are also comfortable with developing technology, which means that they can easily adapt to using new devices.

This means that Generation Z will flourish in the IT industry, which is useful, as it is a rapidly growing industry that affects nearly every business.

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