Food industry warns of Brexit workforce shortage

Farm-to-Fork has said 31% of businesses has already seen their EU workers leave the UK

According to a recent study carried out by The Food and Drink Federation, the UK food industry is at serious risk due the results of Brexit. They have warned that a third of its businesses may be left unfeasible due to a work force shortage.

To add to this, Farm-to-Fork has said 31% of businesses has already seen their EU workers leave the UK. Out of all the businesses surveyed, half of them communicated that EU nationals living and working in the UK have considered leaving.

Ian Wright, the director general has stated that it’s only a short matter of time before the uncertainty results in an “irreversible exit of EU workers”. There are fears that without the dedicated workforce, we will be unable to feed the nation.

In April, the Commons Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee published a report, it said, “the current problem is in danger of becoming a crisis if urgent measures are not taken to fill the gaps in labour supply”

This means that the UK food industry is in need of highly skilled workers to prevent the crisis coming into fruition.


After the surprise result on the 23rd of June 2016, it left many people including businesses and employees fearing what would happen next. Studies have shown that in the two months after the referendum, 94% of professionals we’re concerned about a potential economic downturn as well as a fear of the reduction of access to talent.

The decision will directly affect businesses in the UK, and how they can employ people. This will make employers reluctant to hire people from the EU in the future, which saddening as we need to continue to draw from their experience. Naturally, leaving the EU will alleviate the country’s skill set which could be detrimental to the UK’s economy.

Due to there being a concern in the skills shortage in the UK, ending the freedom of movement will widen the skills gap even further. People have felt uncertain about searching for another job. Despite job satisfaction being at an all-time low. Employers are also feeling the strain and are too nervous to hire new employee’s due to the economic uncertainty.

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