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My experience with the apprentice recruitment

MURAM is a vibrant recruitment and consulting agency

MURAM is a vibrant recruitment and consulting agency. That was given an amazing opportunity to work with The British Institute of Recruiters to recruit apprentices, and of course I did not hesitate to oblige.

I began to search and filter for vibrant youthful people who were hard working, and excited in the prospect of working with prestigious companies that would help them develop and nurture their skills.

I came across so many different characters while searching for candidates, some pleasant and vibrant while others stagnant and lacked vision and direction. For those people I tried to help by getting them to explore a career in recruitment or HR, some of them responded well and secured an interview. In terms of response, candidates were responding fairly promptly to adverts, or messages.

I enjoyed hearing how happy candidates were when they were getting interviews, they were really excited, and some would go on and tell me about the future plans and goals they had for their lives. This made me happy to hear they were ambitious people. I felt humbled to know that I could contribute to making their dreams come true.

Recruiting candidates for apprenticeships has not been completely easy; however it has been rewarding for me and will forever be one of my favourite jobs to fill up. Apprenticeships do not offer a job or a career, it offers candidates a lifestyle. A chance to do something you will love rather than only like.

The best statement I have heard from a candidate was, “I like Apprenticeships because they cater to the forgotten population” I asked her what she meant, and she went on to explain that, “apprenticeships help people who did not get the best grades in their education, so finding a job that accepts their grade without relevant experience was difficult.

Or for the people who were not able to go to university for various reasons. Or Mature youthful people who were tired of working 2-3 jobs and they wanted to build a meaningful career that will sustain themselves and their families. I also noticed some older candidates who had missed career opportunities before and were now keen to reset their lives to a professional career with greater potential of future earnings.

This was a benefit because these were candidates had proved that age was just a number and they were serious candidates who were ready to work hard, and they were money motivated and eager to learn while earning. However, across the board all the candidates I found were focused, vibrant and ready for the opportunity to shine in front of their new employers.

Some disadvantages I came across throughout this process is; I came across people who at first were excited for the opportunity of an apprenticeship, but once they got an interview they would either change their minds about the job or they were not prepared to proceed with the process despite the interview preparations I would have given them beforehand. However, I am learning from each experience and adding to my interview preparations skills each time,

Overall, I am grateful on the opportunity to encounter different people ever day. I am excited for what the future holds for apprenticeships, I encourage more businesses to join the apprenticeship schemes, and I encourage more candidates to become an apprentice as it is empowering them with life career skills. Lets all invest into our futures and the futures of others!

Written By Tinovimba Murambiwa-CEO at MURAM

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