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Highly-paid openings to come as Amazon sets up second US HQ

Amazon is considering one of 20 Northern American cities for the location of its second HQ

The retail giant, Amazon, is looking to recruit as many as 50,000 highly-paid employees at a second HQ in the United States, the location of which is yet to be determined.

Amazon is considering one of 20 Northern American cities for the location of its second HQ, and will be making a decision later this year. The current headquarters is in Seattle, Washington.

The scale of the new Amazon HQ will have a significant impact on the chosen area. Negative impacts could include a massive increase in traffic flow and congestion, as well as house and property prices rising, putting them out of reach of ordinary working people. On the other hand, those in favour of the development suggest that increased job opportunities and economic prosperity will outweigh the disadvantages.

It seems likely that the jobs on offer will be similar to some of the current posts based at the Seattle offices. Readers may be interested to learn that the majority of these roles attract salaries of up to $90,000 a year.

For this analysis, 14,000 job roles and salaries at the Seattle headquarters have been examined. Let’s take a look at some of those highly-paid roles. Salaries are all based on the reviews of between 11 and 642 employees.

Here are 12 of the roles which command the highest salaries:

1) Data engineer
Constructs and maintains data pipelines and systems
Average salary: $94,640

2) Operations manager
Oversees the team handling procurement, stock control and workflow
Average salary: $99,338

3) Business intelligence engineer
Works with data to assist with the efficiency of the organisation and the market within which it operates
Average salary: $100,732

4) Quality assurance engineer
Oversees the development of software and tests products for errors
Average salary: $101,712

5) Senior vendor manager
Manages relationships and vendor contracts
Average salary: $110,712

6) Research scientist
Analyses scientific data from trials and experiments
Average salary: $112,861

7) Software development engineer
Builds and develops computer systems and software
Average salary: $114,856

8) Database administrator
Installs, monitors and protects databases
Average salary: $118,000

9) Program manager
Oversees and runs related projects for companies, with the aim of boosting performance
Average salary: $126,118

10) Senior marketing manager
Responsible for marketing strategies and campaigns within the organisation
Average salary: $129,089

11) Economist
Studies economics and advises governments, companies and other institutions
Average salary: $129,179

12) Senior user experience designer
Develops and enhances products to improve user experience and satisfaction
Average salary: $131,209

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