The industries set to thrive in 2018

Now that we have come to the last quater of 2018, which industries will continue to thrive for the remainder of the year?

With challenging economic conditions, many high street stores closing and the uncertainty of Brexit all dominating the headlines, many business owners and job seekers will be looking to see which sectors are set to do well going forward.


The construction industry has taken a bit of an economic bashing in recent years, but things are finally on the up for this sector. With new homes always in big demand, it was inevitable that the construction industry was going to bounce back quickly, and the rest of this year will see this sector blossom. More than 250,000 homes are set to be built this year, and a longer-term target of a million new builds needed by 2020 ensures that the construction industry is likely to remain very busy for the next few years.

Digital technology

If you are looking to begin a digital start-up or seek work in digital technology, this is a great sector to focus on right now. The digital technology industry is currently booming, with the government committed to throwing money at this sector to ensure its continued development. So positive is the growth in digital technology that the sector is expanding 32% faster than the economy as a whole.

Online gambling

Businesses that make use of digital technology are set to ride the wave of growth this year, and online gambling is one area that is coming on in leaps and bounds. Heavily reliant on digital technologies, online gambling sites have evolved enormously over the years and are reaping the benefits of huge investment sums. Many online gambling sites make the most of popular sporting fixtures to attract more punters, and with the World Cup this summer, it can only be good news for those gambling sites that embrace their betting options with football-related themes. Looking a little further ahead beyond the end of this year, expect to see virtual reality making a big name for itself in the online gambling arena.


While some sectors have been drowned by the digital revolution, others have performed swimmingly, and one industry that has positively embraced this technological change is advertising. Having enjoyed a growth period spanning the last eight years, the advertising sector will continue to thrive for a ninth year during 2018. In particular, those businesses that focus on audio-visual content creation are in a prosperous position right now, with this sector enjoying a 28% growth rate in 2016 and similar successes last year.

Outdoor/garden retailers

With the UK experiencing the hottest May on record, and the Met Office forecasting above average temperatures for the rest of the summer, businesses that sell outdoor or garden equipment can expect to enjoy healthy sales over the coming months. This may also signal good news for food retailers and UK tourist resorts and attractions.

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