3,000 trainee engineers sought across the UK

Thousands of trainee engineers are going to be hired across the country

Openreach, the phone and Internet cabling company, which supplies infrastructure for telecoms companies such as Sky, BT, Vodafone and TalkTalk, requires thousands of trainees to upgrade, maintain, expand and install services nationally over its broadband network.

Thousands of trainee engineers are going to be hired across the country – with over 220 in Scotland – as part of a plan to update fibre broadband connections and improve the firm’s network.

Openreach, employing 30,400 people, now has 24,282 field engineers and took on 3,500 new engineers in 2018. It is BT’s standalone sister company.

Across the UK, over 3,000 trainee engineer jobs are available. This highlights the continuing growth of the organisation.

Chief executive of Openreach, Clive Selley, said that the company is striding ahead towards its target of seeing three million premises, both domestic and commercial, improved to full fibre by the close of 2020 – reaching 13,000 premises each week – and the recruits are essential to that project.

He commented that the new recruits will allow the firm to deliver on its commitment to supply the best connectivity to everyone across the whole country.

Some of the recruits will help to deliver the organisation’s Fibre First programme to implement faster technology. The aim of this project is to make the network more reliable and to bring resilient fibre technology to both homes and businesses. It will supply speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second – which would be fast enough to allow a household to stream four ultra HD films at the same time.

Openreach is keen to see more female applicants. Openreach partnership director in the Midlands, Carl Sproston, said that Openreach wants to create a diverse workforce, reflecting the communities they serve. Last year, the company took on more women than ever before, and it intends to better that figure in 2019.

Successful recruits who finish 12 months at Openreach will get a BTEC Level 2 Diploma in professional competence for IT & telecoms professionals.

Mr Sproston said that the company is constantly improving its recruitment and training programmes, to attract and keep superior candidates. Openreach invests in skills provision so recruits can do more for customers in a single visit, and career pathways have been launched to demonstrate the appropriate skills and training pathways for the best way forward careerwise.

The company turns over £5.1 billion annually. More than £11 billion has been invested in its network over the past ten years, and the company now has over 100 million miles of cables.

Mr Selley said that Openreach is set upon building full fibre as soon as possible, to make sure that the country has a trustworthy broadband network which is capable of supporting data-intensive services in future, as well as applications vital for enhancing productivity and keeping the country’s role as a top digital economy.

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