These companies offer completely flexible work

There are many elements to consider when deciding upon a career

The pay, the environment in which you work and the people you work with all ultimately play a part in the decision. But when pressed, more often than not, employees are looking for a flexible role which takes into account the stresses and strains of modern life.

For some, this may come in the form of hours which allow you to pick the kids up from school, or a role that offers an element of control over your work duties. It’s no surprise, then, that many are turning to remote working to allow more flexibility in the job role.

Many big businesses have already embraced the idea of remote working, happy with the benefits that allowing staff more freedom allows, such as being better rested and a potential to increase staff motivation. Here are just some of the businesses that offer a more flexible approach to work.

Rank Group

The Rank Group is a leisure and entertainment business that focuses on gaming. Staff that work there cite a flexible approach to working hours, with shifts available at sociable hours to help staff manage their work life balance. is an American business which offers free college education to the community. Previously known as Education Portal, the business allows its staff members to work remotely from all over the world.


Financial companies are one of the biggest investors in remote and flexible working, so it’s no surprise to find Xapo on the list. Xapo is a site which allows Bitcoin trading and other services.


While not a completely remote role, the payment processing tech business does offer flexible working, allowing you to work in-house during hours that suit you, with occasional remote working for long-term projects. The business is also well established, offering the much needed security often lacking with remote and flexible roles.

Transport for London

If you want to avoid the daily commute, while also working for a business that helps people commute to work, then Transport for London is for you. The business allows remote working where possible, giving you the ultimate in flexible working. So how will you spend your free time? Well, both you and a family member are allowed free travel if you work for TfL, so how about a day trip out somewhere?

A word of warning

While flexible working hours are great, it is important to have the right staff in the right role if remote working is to be successful. Some people make fantastic remote employees, but with the everyday distractions likely to occur at home, it is difficult for some people to maintain focus. We recommend in-house training is completed first to give your remote staff a chance to meet the team and increase loyalty, as well as allowing them the chance to familiarise themselves with the practices and requirements of your business.

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