Beatmysalary puts CV’s into retirement

New recruitment platform saves companies time with live profile cards

BeatMySalary, the new personalised recruitment platform launching in the UK later this month, is set to save businesses time and money with CV cards, making CVs redundant.

For the average role, a recruiter reads 120 applications. On average a CV takes 20 minutes to read compared with two minutes on a real time profile card, the recruiter is saving 40 times as much as a traditional hiring process looking for the right applicant.

BeatMySalary is the first company in the UK to make CVs obsolete with the introduction of live profile cards that quickly match jobs with the most suitable candidates. Uniquely, only relevant candidates will be put forward for consideration, thus if an employer’s job posting is looking for a person with “investment banking” skills, that is exactly what they will receive. The intelligent algorithms only allow relevant candidates to apply for these specific jobs.

Viewing key information on personalised live profile card instead of the large lengthy CV cuts the screening time of an employer by over 90%.

The platform also delivers maximum transparency. As candidates personal details are not included on the real-time profile card, they can be upfront about their reservations, constraints and expectations.

Another benefit of their live profile cards is that it places candidates in control of their application, allowing them to withdraw their card when they’re no longer looking for a new role. For employers, this means each candidate put forward is actively looking for a role, so no time is wasted on out-of-date applications. The profile cards can be updated immediately, even after submitting an application, so employers can receive real-time updates and see the changes instantly without the applicant having to reapply.

Another useful feature of BeatMySalary is their live application tracking function, which allows the candidates to know when they can expect a call from the employer or not.

Along with the retirement of the CV, founder of BeatMySalary Karthik Prasad strongly believes one of the serious issues affecting the sector is data breach. Currently, once a candidate applies for a role their CV will stay within a company records or online without consent. BeatMySalary lets candidates withdraw their applications if they want to stop searching for a new role, so their data is completely protected and kept out of the public domain.

In the traditional model, once the candidate information is published on their CV, the CV goes over to the employer, there would be absolutely no way to get back the CVs nor have any control over the data that’s been shared. With live profile cards candidates are now empowered, in complete control of their data.

Karthik Prasad, founder of BeatMySalary explains that live profiles will inevitably become more popular over the next few years as they efficiently streamline the recruitment for both candidates and employers. Karthik comments: “BeatMySalary promotes ethical, unbiased hiring, allowing candidates to be empowered, assured that their skills and experience are valued. The platform aligns job descriptions with each candidate’s aspirations offering a bespoke hiring process for all parties.”

Discretion empowers candidates to be more upfront about who they are and what they want from their next roles. This ensures that they only get offers that suit their skills, experience, and aspirations precisely, providing candidates with a unique personalised job-seeking experience tailored specifically to meet their requirements.”

BeatMySalary is already a popular amongst a number of high profile businesses across the UK, Europe and America. Since launching in 2015, the platform has supported over 220 Tier one companies, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, IBM, and Accenture.

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