Useful development in Casinos

The most common obstacle for such programs is the objection to change and to self-preserve

In the past few years the idea of useful development or operational optimization has become a hot topic. In addition, a few operations decided to get some kind of program going, however most casinos from Europe seem to miss it. The most common obstacle for such programs is the objection to change and to self-preserve.

The Job Of A Consultant
Usually these operational optimizations need the help of a consultant, who’s job is to help casinos optimize & increase their operations. When their services are offered to friends that run casino companies in Europe, they very often can turn the help down, because it might give the idea to their owners, that they are not doing their jobs properly.

The notion “why fix it if it’s not broken” is cemented into most organizations with long standing management teams. Strong unions can sometimes complicate a starting optimization programs and can hold up any effort in introducing new technologies. All of this is still happening, despite some well documented stories that show healthier organizations, happier employees and overall, a better experience for the players.

The optimization of an operation is all about relevance. The areas best to look at are:

  • The Product (Gaming, Hotel, Food & Beverage, Entertainment, Facilities)
  • Service & Colleagues (selection, training, company culture, service)
  • Procedures & Processes (efficiency, control, secure operations)
  • Marketing (data analysis, player segmentation and others)

In other words, in an ideal world it is best to help each player find the games that they enjoy playing, that are meaningful for them. When they visit a land-based casino or log into an online casino, they should be able to find the right game, in the right place.

On the land-based casino part, they should be attended by an employee to whom they find pleasant and professional in a safe and comfortable environment. Meanwhile, on the online casino part, players should be able to find their games into the right tab and to have a full support from the customer support system.

Integrating Data Analytics
Today, the biggest advantage of a casino company in a competitive world is the amount of quality they generate. A decade ago, any development effort would rely on professional knowledge, insight and experience of the management team. Today, the same managers have an enormous amount of data at their fingertips, showing them anything they need to know. However, the data needs to be analysed and to be properly interpreted in order to improve operations with meaningful decisions.

More and more companies realise the importance of data analytics which will shift their balance of power from operations to analytics. Many of these data analyst come from sectors like retail and similar, that could be added in casinos.

These could make a huge difference for the company, but in most cases there is little or no cooperation between the different departments. These could be responsible to improve the operations. However, the reasons these go so slow, is a conflict of interest. There would be a solution, to integrate analytics into gaming and other departments.

Because of data, casino companies can have an incredible opportunity to improve themselves. In order to achieve this, it will mainly depend on how these companies can organise their workflow and motivate their managers on how much they should look on data tools.

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