What roles are available in the online casino industry?

Here is a look at some of the best roles for you to consider

The internet has opened up a whole host of new job opportunities. One sector that you may have overlooked as a potential career choice is the online casino industry. And seeing as the current market size is almost a whopping £45 billion, and it is forecasted to double by 2023, online casinos have more opportunities than you may first think. Here is a look at some of the best roles for you to consider.

Internet Technician

An online casino cannot exist without a website, and a website cannot function without the help of a qualified internet technician. No reputable online casino can afford to have issues like data server errors and bugs, so every casino platform needs a highly-skilled internet technician. Most internet technicians have a degree in a subject like computer science, computer information systems, and computer systems security. If you have the necessary IT skills, becoming an internet technician can lead to a lucrative career.

Computer Programmer

Online casinos do not just require internet technicians to keep their websites and services functioning. They need IT professionals in all types of capacity. One essential role is a computer programmer, which is also known as a systems programmer or a software engineer. In this position, you would be tasked with things like designing software programs, analysing algorithms, integrating software and systems, writing system instructions, debugging, and modifying source code.

Most computer programmers hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, or mathematics. To become a computer programmer, you will also need to have excellent knowledge of programming languages.

Live Casino Dealer

It may not be an obvious career choice, and it is not for everyone, but you could consider working as a live dealer for an online casino. Many online casinos now offer live casino games where players can play their favourite casino games in real-time with real dealers. For example, people can play live Roulette or Blackjack on Casumo.

To become a live dealer for an online casino, you must have the qualities and most of the skills required for any croupier. That means having a thorough knowledge of a variety of casino games, and also having the people-skills needed to be courteous and engaging. However, live dealers do not typically require a formal-education, and neither do they require as much maths skills as they would require for land-based casinos because the computer does the calculations at live casinos.

Customer Support Assistant

Any successful online casino implements high-quality customer support. Also, seeing as online casinos operate 24-hours a day seven days a week, a lot of customer support employees are needed. Working in customer support, you would be answering people’s queries via live chat, email, or telephone. You may have to deal with questions related to things like registration, payouts, and access issues. It is helpful to have qualifications like GCSEs to become a customer support assistant in the UK, but you do not require any higher education certifications.

Marketing and Advertising Roles

Without marketing and advertising, an online casino will soon go out of business. Marketing and advertising are crucial to online casinos’ business operations, so they require various professionals. However, large online casinos typically hire people with years of experience under their belts, so if you are only beginning to consider a career in marketing or advertising, you should start elsewhere and work your way up. There are numerous courses in fields related to marketing and advertising available. The more qualified you are, the better position and salary you can gain.

Web Graphic Designer

For an online casino to be successful, it does not only need fantastic games. It also requires excellent design. There is a growing need for qualified graphic designers to use their skills to make websites more appealing to potential players. Web graphic designers determine how websites look, which includes components like fonts, layouts, and images.

They also work on individual elements of pages like logos to be incorporated into the final design. You will typically need at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as web design, and you should also be familiar with coding elements like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as you will be primarily working on the front end of websites.

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