Top 5 Jobs for Graduates in IT Recruitment

If you’ve just graduated with an IT degree then you’re probably wondering where to go next

With so many different roles within the sector, it can be a difficult decision to make and to determine precisely whether a given path is the right career choice for your skills.

1. Web designer

Working alongside colleagues and clients, web designers are responsible for creating the layout and design of a website or specific web pages, so attention to detail and creativity are essential skills for this job. Although there is often a crossover between this position and web developers, a web designer principally focuses upon the design aspects of a website.

Whether you have a degree in digital media design or not, recruiters will always be very interested to see a portfolio of your best web designs before hiring.

2. QA analyst

A Quality Assurance analyst ensures that games, programs and software are thoroughly tested so that they’re fully functional and user-friendly prior to being released to the general public. The role is similar to that of a software tester and consists of using a check plan to scrutinise thousands of code lines to make certain that they are free from errors.

Any issues that arise from the results are fed back to the project manager to be rectified. QAs are often brought into the early stages of projects so that any potential pitfalls can be pre-empted.

3. IT consultant

The role of an IT consultant spans numerous IT disciplines, but in general terms, they provide technical expertise for external clients. This can involve developing and implementing IT systems.

Their involvement can be at any, or at every stage of the project: from designing the system, making a pitch for a contract to after sales support or even managing the project. Strong communication skills are needed as are technical and business expertise.

4. IT support analyst

A growing demand for home and office technical repair services has driven significant growth in the number of IT support analyst positions. Responsibilities are primarily related to IT support for a specified product within a particular organisation or business, and the qualities that hiring managers are looking for include great communication skills and problem-solving.

Support analysts will usually be expected to provide wide-ranging technical support, set-up and advice by means of phone, email, social media or even in person.

5. Software developers

Software developers build software solutions using a wide range of programming languages, development environments and related technologies. In addition to writing and testing code, strong communication skills are needed to liaise with co-workers and clients (who may be internal or external to the organisation) in order to identify and implement the appropriate functionality.

Apply for this position if you have a software engineering or computing related degree, or demonstrate a strong aptitude for software development. Some employers will be willing to train the right candidates.

When it comes to applying for any role, ensure that you emphasise your specific key skills and aptitude in the light of the position in which you are interested. As with other sectors, a ‘one size fits all’ approach to CVs and cover letters will not achieve the results you desire in a competitive market.

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