Cangrade Launches “Cangrade Insights” in Joint Venture with Advisors Ahead

This announcement marks Cangrade’s entry into the financial services market.

Cangrade, a leading provider of a powerful pre-employment evaluation software, announced today that it has formed a joint venture with Advisors Ahead, a company that has developed an innovative bridge between graduating university students and financial services firms. With this alliance, Cangrade will launch its new entity, Cangrade Insights, and will debut a new product specifically designed for Advisors Ahead’s new entity Insights Ahead“Cangrade NextGen Insights (CNI). This announcement marks Cangrade’s entry into the financial services market.

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“Our collaboration with Advisors Ahead will allow the proven leader in financial advisor preparation to engage the highest-quality candidates for their programs,” comments Gershon Goren, Founder and CEO of Cangrade. “We are thrilled to launch Cangrade Insights and work with a firm that has a reputation for developing and mentoring the next generation of financial advisors. Our entry into the financial services market with a specifically catered product will generate a significant opportunity for expansion, growth, and future partnerships of a similar nature.”

With this new joint venture, Cangrade will gain access to Advisors Ahead’s vast network in financial services, allowing the firm to secure a foothold in a previously untapped market. Additionally, Advisors Ahead will now be onboarding future professionals with a deeper understanding of current candidates. Cangrade Insights focuses on providing information to the recent college graduate that has not yet accumulated the experiences for traditional pre-employment evaluation testing. With “Cangrade NextGen Insights”, Cangrade Insights and Insights Ahead will deliver to the financial services market a new product to better serve future clients in this sector.

“Cangrade’s unique pre-employment evaluation software will allow us to expand our market services and increase the identification of top talent from the millennials who are looking for a better start in a highly-competitive field,” said Craig Pfeiffer, Founder and CEO of Advisors Ahead. “We are excited that this collaboration will help us identify candidates based on solid screening analytics and provide our clients better services.”

Through this newly formed collaboration, Advisors Ahead’s new entity will launch Cangrade’s new CNI product, which will grade applicants through predictive analytics and provide valuable insight into future role performance for both candidates and prospective employers. Additionally, the CNI software will enable Advisors Ahead to attract and help higher-quality candidates prepare for their career and provide financial services employers with talented future financial advisors.

As a platform for developing the next generation of financial advisors, Advisors Ahead offers highly beneficial programs for young professionals including internship opportunities and residency programs for recent graduates. The firm currently works with a range of financial services firms providing a structured onboarding model to increase candidate success rates.

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