We are a nation of happy workers

6 in 10 workers are happy in their job according to research undertaken by Maple Resourcing

The specialist recruitment consultancy who supplies staff to the Construction, Rail and Engineering industries, conducted an online survey to measure job satisfaction amongst UK workers.

The results showed that 61.64% of people said “their job makes them happy.”

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In terms of job duration, people have worked in their job for 1 – 5 years are the happiest.

The chart below shows the percentage of people who are happy in the job by the number of years they have worked in that role.

Source: Maple Resourcing online survey.

Source: Maple Resourcing online survey.

Who are the happiest workers?

Construction and Engineering workers are the happiest, closely followed by Marketers and people who work in the Finance industry.

The chart below shows the % of happiest workers by occupation.


What makes the Construction and Engineering sector a happy place to work?

The construction and engineering sectors were adversely affected during the global recession. During the last couple of years employment levels have bounced back to nearly pre-cession levels. An increase in productivity equates to an increase in work and wage increases.

However, it is not just an increase in salary that makes them happy. Working as part of a team to complete a project is a major factor for their job satisfaction. Seeing a project through from the start to completion gives them a greater sense of achievement and purpose.

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