CV errors that can cost you that dream job

Follow these five tips to make sure your CV is top-notch and wait for the interviews to roll in

When you are on a job hunt, it is easy to rush things; however, those tiny mistakes you have overlooked may be one of the reasons you are not being invited to interviews. Don’t worry, as help is at hand.

Grammar and spelling

This is an obvious one but we have all been there, furiously typing away at our CV to make sure we send it off before the midnight deadline. It is at this times that that i’s don’t get dotted and t’s don’t get crossed.

Always build some time into your schedule for a friend check your CV. Even the most capable writers need a proofreader and getting someone with a little distance from what is at stake will ensure every tiny issue gets ironed out.

Tailor your CV to the job

Every employer wants to see that you have paid attention to the job specification and that you have addressed each point carefully. Make sure your CV reflects this.

While having a generic CV to use a template is smart and time-saving, sending out an identical CV for every job is a bad idea. Try to use the same language used in each specification to make it easy for your future employer to ‘tick off the boxes’ and offer you an interview.

Don’t forget the basics

While you may be keen to tell your future employer all about your amazing achievements at your last job, it is easy to overlook the basic information they will be looking for.

Include all dates of study and employment to make it easy for the HR department to fact-check. Include relevant information for the job, such as whether you have a driving licence and your date of birth, and your contact details can be crucial. Although many of us tend to rely on emails, many companies still prefer to make contact over the phone; therefore, give them a contact number to reach you on.

Less is more

The old rule is to keep your CV to one side of A4. While this is still ideal, it is not always realistic. Try to keep your CV to two pages of concise, well-formatted information and remember that you are more likely to be interviewed if the basics impress. You can tell them all about your summer volunteering in an animal hospital when you are in front of them!

Draft, redraft and redraft again

Yes, it is boring and yes, you will end up knowing every word off by heart, but editing your work again and again will produce a perfectly-honed, finely-tuned piece of work that will effortlessly sell both yourself and your skills. Give yourself plenty of time to work on your CV before your next deadline to avoid the midnight rush and come back to it with a fresh head every few days.

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