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Recruiters are looking for these words on your CV

When it comes to finding a job, your CV is essential

A great CV will help you to get lots of job interviews and job offers, whereas a bad CV will make it nearly impossible for you to land an interview at all. Here we look at 13 words that you should include on your CV, alongside an example for each.

Anyone can have a great CV, even if they don’t have much experience or many qualifications. A recent survey from StandOutCV polled 150 employers to find out what they wanted to see on people’s CVs, and the results are interesting.

92% of employers said they wanted to hire someone who can take responsibility, while 65% said they wanted to hire someone with good negotiating skills. They then listed 13 important verbs that they would like applicants to use on their CVs.


This shows that you are a determined person who can deliver results.
Example: “In my last role, I delivered weekly projects and pitched ideas to my co-workers.”


The word ‘managed’ shows that you can control others in a positive and useful way.
Example: “I managed a small team of five people in my last role and encouraged each person to be the best employee they could be.”


This shows that you are resourceful person.
Example: “I reduced outgoing costs and increased sales in my last role, which improved company profits.”


‘Planned’ shows that you have forethought.
Example: “I planned a fund-raising event in my town to raise money for our local animal shelter.”


This shows that you are always working on becoming a more valuable asset.
Example: “In my last role, I improved my communication and customer service skills.”


This shows that you can analyse data to improve your performance.
Example: “I analysed past charts to improve future performance.”


If you are an expert or trained in a certain area, you should use this word, as it shows expertise.
Example: “I am well trained in bricklaying, as I have all the necessary qualifications.”


‘Supported’ shows that you are a reliable worker who can help others.
Example: “I supported my co-worker when they started a large project; as a result, I was signed onto the project as a team leader.”


This word shows that you can deal with issues well, rather than shying away from them.
Example: “I resolved lots of customer complaints in my last role, which helped me to learn more about conflict management.”


This word shows that you can speak in public.
Example: “I presented my ideas to the board and they were happy for me to proceed.”


‘Developed’ shows that you are motivated and driven.
Example: “I developed my writing skills in my previous role.”


This word shows that you have a good working mindset.
Example: “I influenced our customers through social media, encouraging them to invest in our products.”


This shows that you can reach an agreement, which is a useful skill.
Example: “I often negotiated contracts in my last role.”

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